Want to Move Up The Corporate Ladder? Keep These 5 Things in Mind

You just have to learn how to work, grow, learn and achieve.

SO, you want to move up the corporate ladder? Good for you! This article will guide you and tell you about 5 things you really must keep in mind!

You must have an aim in life to succeed. If you don’t aspire for bigger things, you will never taste the joy of success. Ask any CEO or corporate bigwig their mantra to success and you will get almost the same answer – “I aimed for the top post”. That’s exactly what you need to climb the career ladder – aspirations to reach the top.

But is aspiration enough? Certainly not! In fact most people do not fulfill their aspirations because they didn’t do enough to reach their goals. You cannot simply move up the ladder by dreaming. You must work hard, very hard, to fulfill your dream. The bigger the dream, the more you must put in that work. However, by working hard, you don’t necessarily need to slog many endless hours, day after day. You just have to learn how to work, grow, learn and achieve.

Let’s talk about a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to keep moving up the corporate ladder.

1. Know What You Want (do you though?)

If all you ever dreamt of was getting a corporate job, then probably by the time you are somewhere in your late-twenties, you will have fulfilled it. Well done, now what?

Think again. Is that all that you ever want? One of the basic tenets of climbing the corporate ladder is to dream bigger than the rest. But instead of just looking at the bigger picture, also take note of the smaller achievements you must fulfill to get there. A manager must become an executive manager before he can aspire to become the CEO. Step by step, baby!

2. Work Hard, But Work Smarter (cliché alarm)

Ugh, such cliché – especially when your manager says it.. However, when I say it, it is true. Yes, there are no real short-cuts to success. You have to work hard to reach the top. However, that’s not all. You have to make sure that you work smart as well. Know when you are being taken advantage of by your peers and colleagues and when you must genuinely burn the midnight oil to impress your superiors. You must also ensure that every hour you work actually matters. It is no longer enough to ‘spend’ 50+ hours a week in the office. Every minute spent must add value to your company. Also, do not forget to celebrate, highlight and basically “sell” your achievements and successes. Give your superiors what they need to move you up the ladder! GO get m boy (or girl)!

3. Be a Leader, Not a Follower (Get m tiger!)

You cannot think of moving up the corporate ladder if you remain a follower all your life. Many opportunities will come your way when you will have to buckle up and show that you are a born leader. A follower, no matter how loyal, hardly ever becomes a leader. If this means you have to push your ideas to your boss, so be it. Additionally, try to become an expert in something – anything that is important to your company. That will make you indispensable and increase your personal value. Grow that personal brand! Even if tomorrow, you have to leave your company for whatever reason, your expertise and leadership skills should help you take a few quick steps forward.

4. Be Compassionate (always)

Do not think for a second that you have to become relentless to climb the ladder. Actually, being mean, dishonest and self-centered will help you achieve your goals. Those who have kept their eyes at the price but chose to walk alone, hardly ever reach their destination. On the other hand, if you are compassionate and a team player, your chances of success are much higher. Your boss will inadvertently note how you interact with your team and whether you encourage them to become better. These may seem virtuous, moral codes with no space in the corporate world, but these are actually the very things that keep the morale high and will get you ahead. Do not forget your true self in the race of moving up the career ladder. Keep it real amigo!

5. Keep Tabs on Your Personal Achievements

While climbing the corporate ladder, you achieve a lot of things. But if you do not keep a note of them, you might (read: will) forget them later on. Here I am talking about measurable and quantifiable results that mean something for your career. Keeping a tab on your achievements will not only keep you motivated but also build your CV, LinkedIn, and personal brand. You can make a habit of digitally storing all achievements using an app or go oldskool: simply write them down on paper.    

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them”.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you must be ready for a tough life. Things will not come easily. You have to work hard AND smart to achieve them. You have to create opportunities where there are none. You sometimes even will have to put your company before yourself. But above all, you must remember that you cannot embark on this journey alone. You will have to be generous, compassionate, and have the will to learn constantly.

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Good luck, keep moving up!

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