6-Figure Income Jobs – Ultimate List

Did you lose your job due to Covid? Or are you simply curious? Find below the 10 jobs that will give you a 6-figure income.

A 6-figure income, six-figure income, six-digit income, 6-digit income, 6 digit salary or six digit salary simply means making 100,000 (also often written as 100K) or more! Of course the currency plays a role, but we discuss USD! Tax obviously impacts how much you have left at the end of the month, but the below list refers to pre-tax salaries.

Can everyone become a six-figure professional? Sure! Easily? Hell no. Sites that claim you can easily make six figures are fake. The below list is for you to become aware and have a bit of an idea. Are you still young – then perhaps focus on getting that Masters degree. You don’t like school? Become an IT-nerd or Youtube / Tiktok yourself to six or seven figures. For those further in their career or a bit older – try to get specialized in something that you have always worked in – or simply like. When you believe to be more like a jack of all trades – try to assume a leadership position. My blog will help you to get productive, organized, become a true leader, and will explain you how to climb the corporate ladder. Enjoy reading – the ultimate list of six figure income jobs. Here we go:

1. Actuary

Yup, you will need a Master’s degree with focus on mathematics or statistics. Actuaries are especially well paid at insurance companies, starting of at around 100K USD – with great potential to double this within 5 years. Sounds a bit like a job for a specialist to you? It indeed is. So, for the jack of all trades among us, move on.

2. Anesthesiologist

You like sleep? OK, that does not mean you are the right person to put people to sleep. Medical school, residency and often additional fellowships are part of the very long road that takes you to this six-figure profession. Makes sense if you have to put people asleep just enough, but not so much that they will never wake up anymore. High responsibility job, makes you 200K USD+. Another job that is not for the jack of all trades.

3. IT security guru

Fun thing here – you do not really need an MSc degree. You jut need to spend hours and hours behind that computer and learn how to code, hack, and you name it. It is an area of the future though – so if you think you will enjoy it – go for it! Will get you around 120K USD now, but who knows how important this area will become?!

4. Dentist

Do not need to explain this job to you. I do? Maybe you are on the wrong website then amigo. Dentists make around 150K USD to….look into people’s mouths all day. Depending on the country there are specific dental schools to graduate from and licenses to obtain. Only for those who like looking into mouths – all day – every day.

5. Financial expert / banker

This area always pays. Become a banking guru! Bankers often carry Master’s degrees or MBA’s – and try to get these from well-known universities. You need to stand out in this field. Are you really exceptionally good with numbers? Then it can make you six-figures easily. Median salary is around 150K USD.

6. Engineer oil & gas

Does not sound like the future, does it? Anyhow, before we all drive electric cars and everything relies on wind- and solar power – you and I both will be retired. Currently still a well-paying job averaging around 150K USD+.

7. Doctor / surgeon

Especially those MD’s and surgeons being the real specialists. Saving lives, performing open heart surgeries, working in an emergency department. Aside from the free parking spots, they easily make 200K USD+. Of course mainly in the US and A, where Healthcare spend is ridiculously high compared to the rest of the world.

8. Leadership role in multinational

Assume a leadership position in a global company, preferably at the international HQ. You will start with less than 6 figures for perhaps your first 5 years, but afterwards will grow in a leadership position paying you those six figures. The chemical, banking, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and consultancy industries are known to be well-paid. Around 100K USD for middle management, 150K USD+ on average for higher management. There are multiple ways to get to Rome – but an MSc degree is a standard requirement. Associate Director to Vice President levels can make up to 400K USD.

9. YouTube / TikTok superstar

Yes, people do make six figures here. Some even seven. Kids these days…. Not for everyone though and your face will be online forever. There is enough information online on how to earn money with YouTube or TikTok. Not what this site is about!

10. Pilots / air traffic controllers

For now, they easily make 150K USD+. However, nobody knows how this will change after COVID. Will air travel go back to normal? Strong mathematical skills required and you will carry high responsibility.

So this was the list! Any surprises for you? Do you know more jobs that make 6-figures. Let us know in the below comments!

Good luck, keep moving up!

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