You got promoted! Now what? Don’t make these 3 mistakes

You got promoted. Now what? Don’t make these 3 mistakes:

Mistake numero Uno: Work less now you have already proven yourself

Working towards a promotion is tough! Very tough sometimes! You might have gone above and beyond. All those extra hours you have put in! Right?! This makes a promotion feel great! Your hard work and efforts are recognized and rewarded. Confirmation and validation by and from others!

What not to love? A new title, extra money – pop those bottles!
Definitely celebrate your wins and success! However, do this outside of the office.

At work, please keep your head down and work your ass off. It is easy to lean back now your success has been recognized. A big mistake that I have seen people make is that they believe they can relax now. It is the people that are below them or that are newer in the company that should do the work hard, put in the extra hours, and go the extra mile. Wrong!

I have seen a whole management team been asked to “go look for something new” This, because they worked and operated on a daily basis with a sense of entitlement. Believing they had proven themselves already and had built up sufficient credit. Well guess what…the new generations don’t give AF. We respect people that prove themselves on a daily basis and keep adding value.

Mistake numero Dos: Behave like you know it all

A promotion confirms to people that you know your sh*t! It is a validation and your new title will give you extra credibility. So yes, be proud of this. However, do not show this. Stay humble and hungry, would be my advice. It is a thin line between being confident and arrogant.

The more you know, the more there is to know. The higher you get on the corporate ladder, the more business acumen you will get as well. Your scope will get broader – perhaps from regional to global. So realize there is always so much more to learn! Nobody likes a know-it-all!

Mistake numero Tres: Think you have reached your ceiling and can chill out at this level

This one is perhaps more for the less confident. A trait of intelligent people who climb the corporate ladder fast is the “imposter syndrome”. This is a mindset or psychological pattern in which people doubt their skills, talents, or achievements. “One day they will find out that what I do is not so special”.

Ha! More common than you think – this one is. At least that is how Yoda would phrase it. But it is a common trait, so don’t worry. I understand that now you are treated according to your new title, you are seen as someone on another level and compared to people on that level. However, do not forget that nobody will expect you to know everything from day 1. Use this to your advantage to show that you are very willing to learn and ask even more questions than you did in your previous position.

Set clear goals and step by step you will see that what the people do on this new level, is also not so special. Trust me. You will always find people on your level or higher levels that do not do anything special. Realize that if they can do it, you can definitely do it. Never reach your ceiling. Always stay humble and hungry and keep learning. If we stand still, we go backwards!

So keep adding value and keep moving up. Good luck

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