Unmotivated? Tired? 3 Ways To Turn It Around!

Everyone has those days that you really feel do not feel like going to work. You are done with the job. You only go because you need the income and switching job is also a hassle. People that claim they never have this, are plain cold LIARS. Read here my article about leaders that sometimes claim this, but instead they should learn to f***-ing keep it real.

1. The Fresh Start – usual self-development book suggestion

Not my favorite as the header might give away… Your usual self-development book will suggest to make a “fresh start”. Yeah right – like I said – this is also a hassle! Updating your CV, LinkedIn, motivational letters, all those conversations and interviews. And then what? You land the job – of course you do if you follow this website. But then what? You will be bombarded with new information, you will have to play nice again and smile at all your new colleagues. Tiring!! Starting somewhere new can give energy, but it also costs a lot of energy to start from scratch. So what are easier things that you can implement?

2. Stop Comparing

To get back the energy and motivation that you had when you started? First of all, you got to stop comparing. The far less competent people in that other department making more money. Those working less hours in another or sometimes even higher position. Indeed, those people do not motivate you. That I get. However, when you take public transportation home or when you buy your diner – think of those people. They are truly working their asses off, driving that bus in evening hours, working in kitchens full of heat and stress preparing the same meals over and over. Then your office job all of a sudden does not look so bad. Go clean elderly strangers’ butts in caring homes. These are the people who deserve to get good salaries for doing that work with enthusiasm and love. You however, probably get the salary for sitting on an office chair in meetings all day or for clicking on a mouse. Yes, you might have high responsibly, deadlines, competition, politics, etc…but still…put things in perspective. Stop comparing!

3. Work For Yourself

Try to find a development item at work to also work on and for yourself and not just for the boss. Let both benefit. Sign up for that manager 101 training or the course on how to give better presentations! Read this site during workhours! In the end both the employer and employee benefit. It will make you feel good to work on yourself and do something for you – for future you

Take that coffee. Appreciate what you have. Stop comparing. Develop yourself and find meaning in what you do and….Keep moving up, good luck!

Good luck, keep moving up!

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