The Global Headquarters

There ain’t much cooler than working at the International or Global Headquarters (HQ) of a multi billion dollar company. Instead of serving local markets, you serve the globe.
HQs attract talent. Competition is fierce. But what a great experience and challenge!

To get what you want at global HQ?

To get what you want at global HQ?

Not sucking at your job would be pretty useful for a start. However, thinking that people who do a good job will automatically be rewarded is a mistake.

Head counts, amount of people that can be on certain level in a team, competition, politics, and networking all influence your progression. Let’s say it’s not the competition you worry about and even your manager likes you. Great! But still, how to progress then while there are so many influencing limiting factors?

Of course networking is a must. It’s not just your manager but also other managers that need to like you. In a year only a certain amount of people can progress and every manager will therefore push for his or her own reports. Not necessarily because they care so much about you. Nope. They often also see your success and progress as their own success.

So this means that you increase your chances when you work cross-functionally. Also, be visible! Connect, connect, connect. Connect with other managers. When your manager then fights for you at least they won’t be begrudged. Their peers might even support the vote. 

Besides that….your manager liking you can be nice. Good for you. But he or she also needs to know you well enough and understand what you do…to sell this to their superiors. Write this down. Clearly say why you deserve a promotion. Where did you go the extra mile.

Always remain positive and do not threaten to leave. You can be clear on what they have in-house and shouldn’t lose. Talent leaves if it ain’t recognized and rewarded. That’s known. So emphasize on the talents you bring. Start your list of achievements and keep adding. Good luck. Keep moving up!

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