Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

Become comfortable being uncomfortable and you will get ahead!

What a truth this is! Preach!

This will get you going and more importantly….it will allow you to keep going. I’m not saying to embrace chaos. I am all about being organized. As long as you do not put extra stress on yourself. You have to be comfortable, also when things get uncomfortable.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

You have to understand that no matter how many hours you work – your work will never be done. No matter how quick you reply to e-mails….there will always be more. Also, you will always be surrounded with issues, inefficient processes, and some annoying colleagues. Right? Or Right!?


So do what you can, and a bit more if you can, but get comfortable being uncomfortable. This ensures that you do not put extra stress or pressure on your team, yourself, or certain situations. A certain degree of firefighting will always be required for true urgencies. You will always have some priorities that cause stress. So don’t make it worse and do not put extra stress upon yourself. Get comfortable, being uncomfortable. Really! Think about itttttttttt.


Good luck, keep moving up!

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