The key to getting ahead is getting started

This blog is here. And there. For you. It is there to help you get ahead. Whether you are already working at a top firm making six figures, or still are at the beginning of your career. This blog will help YOU! Changing lives by giving career advice!

This blog is for me a way to give back. This, after having achieved a career that ultimately gives me freedom. It is not about the six figure income, it is about the freedom this salary will give you.

What do I bring?

This is the view from my office. I work 50+ hours a week in a tough corporate environment in one of the biggest billion dollar companies. I will share the lessons and insights from working in the International HQ of a Fortune500 company.

  • Solicited and unsolicited advise 😉
  • Years of experience with
    • Privately owned companies
    • Start-up / my own company
    • Fortune500 companies
    • Various industries (e.g. FMCG, Pharma, Logistics)
    • Working at the International HQ of Multi Billion Dollar Global operation company
    • Working abroad
    • Expat life
    • Building your base abroad
  • Great stories, insights, tips and tricks

ALL WITH ONE GOAL ===> For you to get ahead

Enjoy, good luck and start moving up!


One day, one day. I will reveal this one day. Given my current job, in the current industry – I simply cannot say too much. I can tell you that I am an executive at an International HQ of a global operating Fortune 500 company. Let’s aim for 2022 🙂